True my voice

We aim to build the capacity of poets for digital advocacy,
storytelling and fostering collaborations, 
thereby strengthening the African voice. 

What is Truemyvoice?

This initiative recognizes the power of poetry as a means of advocacy, storytelling, and collaboration. Its primary goal is to empower poets and storytellers alike in Africa, equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to effectively advocate for social change, justice and cultural issues, share compelling stories, and foster collaborations within and beyond their communities.
By focusing on capacity building, the initiative aims to enhance the abilities of African poets to effectively use their art form as a tool for advocacy. This involves providing training, workshops, and educational opportunities to help poets develop their skills in crafting persuasive messages, addressing relevant social issues, and engaging with diverse audiences.

Meet The Founder

Maryam Bukar Hassan Alhanislam
(Curator, Truemyvoice)

Meet The Team

David Osaodion Odiase

Community Manager

Bash Amuneni

Council Member, Truemyvoice

Olamide Alabi

Editor/ Graphic Designer

Writers Room

This is a 5-week intensive training exercise aimed at grooming and equipping members with the skill set needed to better their art practice. It is slated to take place every Saturday from 8-10 pm and will hold 4 times a year as stipulated below:




We have executed the first quarter. For the first two quarters, over 400 people registered and have been impacted, with certificates issued. 6 creatives so far, have been picked and sent gadgets to enable them to produce and enhance their poetry content. The Writer’s Room series is unique in the sense that it covers all the basics skillset needed by young writers. The curriculum accommodates the needs of those who want to write for page as well as those who want to write for stage and those who want to write for screen

The Truemyvoice Podcast

Welcome to the Truemyvoice podcast where the power of poetry comes to life through the art of storytelling, advocacy, and collaboration. We are a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering African poets and amplifying their voices on social and cultural issues that matter most.
In this podcast network, we believe in the transformative power of poetry as a catalyst for change. Through our carefully curated shows and episodes, we bring you captivating narratives, thought-provoking discussions, and compelling performances that challenge perceptions, ignite conversations, and inspire action.

Leveraging Social Media for Digital Advocacy

This will hold every third Friday of every month which helps to nail the core of our mission which includes building members on Digital advocacy. It will hold for 30 minutes between the hours of 8- 8:30 pm.

Open Mic Night

Every last Thursday of every month on Twitter spaces by 7 pm.


Support Our Causes is an online platform that allows individuals and organizations to create and sign petitions on various social, political, and environmental issues. It serves as a tool for mobilizing public support and raising awareness about specific causes or campaigns. aims to empower people to express their opinions, advocate for change, and make a positive impact by collecting signatures and promoting petitions to decision-makers, such as government officials, corporate leaders, or other influential figures. The platform has been instrumental in facilitating grassroots movements and providing a platform for individuals to engage in activism and bring attention to important issues.