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Aisha Tofa shares the humble beginnings of Startup Kano

Being female is a global challenge. While this should not be so, research has indicated that women and girls have struggled to reach the heights they are capable of because of different reasons that vary across gender bias, stereotypes, and traditional, and even religious beliefs.

The gender gap in the tech ecosystem is so wide that many young girls do not grow up thinking of dominating the space, instead preferring to pursue roles or lives that society or the environment dictates for them. Thankfully, the culture is now changing, albeit slowly. Many women in tech have reached heights that the ‘foremothers’ could barely dream of when the fight for the recognition of women’s rights began.

Aisha Tofa defies the stereotypes. When she began to express her unconventional thoughts via a blog named ‘Being female,’ all she wanted to do was express herself, her dreams, aspirations, and challenges as a female living in Northern Nigeria. She has gone on to found one of the largest tech hubs in the region, helped budding startups raise millions of dollars, and earned recognition from the United Nations for her contribution to the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

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