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Celebrating One Year of Empowering Voices

As we mark the remarkable one-year journey of True My Voice, I’m thrilled to share the incredible strides we’ve taken together in building a platform that amplifies the voices of young storytellers across our dynamic continent. 

In the past year, True My Voice has been a space where dreams, narratives, and advocacy have converged. We’ve not only nurtured a vibrant community of 400 members but also embarked on impactful campaigns that underscore the power of collective voices.

Our ‘Sound of Unity’ campaign stands out as a testament to the potential of advocacy. With unwavering passion, we rallied against electoral violence, reaching an astounding 15,000 individuals on social media and resonating with over 2 million households through mass media. This accomplishment isn’t just numbers; it’s a reminder that our united voices have the strength to inspire change, bridge divides, and elevate our society.

As we look ahead, True My Voice remains dedicated to its core mission: nurturing digital advocacy skills in our young storytellers. Through empowerment, collaboration, and meaningful dialogue, we continue to shape narratives that resonate beyond borders and drive impactful change. So, here’s to a year of growth, empowerment, and transforming narratives. I’m immensely proud of the strides we’ve made and eager to embark on new chapters of change together. To all the incredible members, collaborators, and supporters of True My Voice, thank you for being the driving force behind our journey. Let’s continue to make our voices resonate louder and brighter!